Mrs. Grout helps families in Central Florida feel proud of their homes.

What would life be like if you didn’t shake your head every time you look at the broken grout on your shower?


Could cleaning the grout in your kitchen make you happier at dinner time?

We think so!

Our customers tell us all the time that fixing and cleaning their grout felt like having a remodel done! It spruces up their homes and makes them proud of their spaces.

Many companies offer grout cleaning, but few do it exclusively.

Our focus on this one aspect of home management allows us to be the standout in the communities we live and work in. When floors, showers or mantels are dirty and dingy from old grout, we make them like new again. We do this with our seven-step grout cleaning process. Our cleaning, coloring, and sealing process brings tired old spaces back to life. 


What makes our approach to grout restoration special?

Grout Cleaning in Spring Hill, Florida [WOW!] |

Our process removes the dirt and bacteria that comes from your everyday traffic and daily wear on your floors. Our team of certified grout cleaning professionals will restore your floors and showers back to the like-new look that makes you proud of your home.

Your Mrs. Grout cleaning specialist will assure your flawless look with our customized permanent grout sealer. Choose from a pallet of color stains and refresh the look of your floors.

Don’t remodel, renew with Mrs. Grout’s 7-step grout cleaning process: 

  1. We move the furniture and appliances off the tile.
  2. Then, we thoroughly cleans your floors, including moving appliances.
  3. Next, we COLOR SEAL all the grout lines.
  4. Mrs. Grout cleans the floors a second time.
  5. Then, we COLOR SEAL the grout lines again.
  6. Next, we clean the floor a third time.
  7. Finally, we buff the floor and replace the furniture. 

We guarantee this process will make your tired old tile and grout look like new again!

Mrs. Grout began as a simple service with a big mission.

We like to think of ourselves as modern-day Rosie the Riveters. We are both physically capable and compassionate.

With a background in franchise development, Lisa Hannon began Mrs. Grout with the intention of creating a sustainable business model that can be replicated in suburban areas over and over again. 

Our employees compete for the title of, “WOW Count Champion.” That’s when a customer says, “WOW!” at the end of the job.

Are you ready to feel great about your home again? 

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