Floors on the Adventure Coast never looked so good! From Spring Hill to Trinity, Mrs. Grout makes tired floors look new again.

Grout cleaning can be a frustrating process for homeowners. Many companies clean and buff the floors, but after a few spills your grout lines start looking dingy again. Within a year the process needs repeating.

Frustrating right?!

Mrs. Grout’s founder, Lisa Hannon, knew their had to be a better way. She scoured the industry (excuse our pun) looking for ways to make her process last for years to come. Lisa wanted her customers to have beautiful floors year after year, not just for a few months.

After lots of searching, trial, and a few regrettable errors (that poor teal tile will never be the same), Lisa found what she was looking for: The Mrs. Grout 7-Step Process.

Mrs. Grout’s 7-Step Process for grout cleaning and restoration has made hundreds of floors and showers look like new again. And the best part? Our experience shows that following this process keeps your grout in great shape for 7 to 10 years, when properly cared for. 



Mrs. Grout's 7-Step Grout Cleaning and Restoration Process