Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance with Mrs. Grout.


Families in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Trinity and Port Richey are falling in love with their homes again. That’s because Mrs. Grout’s been busy using her 7-Step Grime-Busting System to make floors, showers and tubs like new again.


Tile Cleaning + Sealing = Happy Homes | MrsGrout.com 

Tile Cleaning & Sealing

our 7-Step process makes your floors like new.

If you’ve ever spent time scrubbing your grout, you know that simply cleaning it won’t last for long. That’s why we make sure to seal your grout with a high-quality color seal that our experience shows lasts for seven to 10 years, on average. 

Grout Replacement Done Right in Spring Hill | MrsGrout.com

Grout Replacement & Repair

Out with the old, in with the new.

When a simple cleaning isn’t enough, we can help. If you’re in Spring Hill, you don’t have to settle for unsightly crumbles and holes between your tiles. We handle small repairs ourselves and have a team of experts to help with bigger problems.

Shower + Tub Restoration (Amazing Results) | MrsGrout.com

Shower Restoration

More Than just floors.

Grout restoration isn’t just for floors! Your tub and shower need some TLC too. We will clean and repair the unsightly mess in your shower. Our customers tell us they never knew their showers could be so squeaky clean again.

Grout Mobile to the Rescue (See it?) | MrsGrout.com

Residential & Commercial

Spruce up your home or office

Do you have tile floors at the office? We can help with those too. Unsightly floors doesn’t have to be business as usual. Show your customers a professional face, with floors that sparkle like the first day you opened your doors.