Meet the Mrs. Grout Crew

Many companies offer grout cleaning, but few do it exclusively. Our focus on this one aspect of home management allows us to be the standout in the communities we live and work in. When floors, showers or mantels are dirty and dingy from old grout, we make them like new again.

You already know that our cleaning, coloring, and sealing process brings tired old spaces back to life. What you may not know is that our work brings us alive too. Our team is special, and we love our work. 

Lisa Hannon (Owner of Mrs. Grout) |

Lisa Hannon


Mrs. Grout began as a simple service with a big mission. Lisa wanted to change perceptions about what women can do for work one grout cleaning, staining or repair at a time. 

With a background in franchise development, Lisa began Mrs. Grout with the intention of creating a sustainable business model that can be replicated in suburban areas over and over again. 

When she first started, I hired a lot of young guys ㅡ just like most of the floor cleaning companies do. A few months in, a woman who was more than 15 years her senior applied for a part-time position. She wanted to supplement her income with part-time work. Lisa decided to give her a try, but didn’t think the type of work we do would be for her. To her surprise and delight, this woman quickly became her best employee. She was so detailed in her work. Every client she worked for ended their service with a “WOW!” and many of them told their friends about how great we were. 

Finding and hiring Bonita was like finding a diamond!

That first experience reminded Lisa of reading about the Rosie the Riveter who worked in factories during World War II. Productivity skyrockets when women are on the team!

Women know how important feeling good about your home and the way it presents to others is. When they go into someone’s home, they treat their floors like they were in their own homes. That is why my best employees are often my most mature employees.

Today, the majority of Mrs. Grout's employees are female. Each one competes for the title of, “WOW Count Champion.” That’s when a customer says, “WOW!” at the end of the job.

Working with Mrs. Grout gives Lisa and her team a sense of freedom and power, both physically and mentally. It’s an incredible experience from what seems like a minor household task to so many people!

Christine, Office Manager | Mrs. Grout in Spring Hill, Florida


Office Manager

Christine moved to Florida for the warm weather. Originally from Vermont, she was sick of cold long winters and wanted to enjoy the glorious sunshine. While in Vermont, she owned several community businesses, including a trail horse adventure experience and an automotive repair show.

Christine loves horses and animals of all types. She enjoys outdoor adventures of all kinds, including hiking and rollerblading.

Meet the Spring Hill Grout Restoration Crew |


crew member

Bonita is a Christian above anything. The people that have had the most influence on her are her family. They are everything to her.  

She has a sunny disposition and loves shabby chic furniture. She has a creative force that never stops. Learning new things energizes Bonita.

She has enjoyed a colorful work life including CNA at Oak Hill Hospital for 10 years. She has also worked at Sesame Street and Busch Gardens.

Today Bonita works with knee pads and grout, with an amazing group of coworkers she iss proud to call her friends.

Shower Restoration Specialist Jaclyn |



Jaclyn is from New Windsor, New York. She is a graduate of John S. Burke Catholic High School and Pasco-Hernando Community College. She lived in New York for 30 years before migrating south with the majority of her family. She has worked in numerous fields including customer service, security, food service, and health care, before finding her calling with Mrs. Grout. Jaclyn currently lives in Hernando County with her husband, Jason, and their three children.


Tile Cleaning Specialist in Brooksville, Florida |



Maria was born and raised right here in Spring Hill, Florida. Her attention-to-detail and "nit-picky" personality make her a great addition to the Mrs. Grout crew. She is currently in college, working on her Associates Degree. Maria is an animal lover. If you're looking for her on the weekend, she's probably out long boarding with her friends. 

Tile Cleaning and Sealing Specialist Eve |



Chris is an avid violinist and can be found practicing on many of his off days. He has ambitions to become an engineer and Mrs. Grout expects to see great things out of Chris in the future. He is passionate about basketball and can be found watching a game or on the court most weekends.

Mrs. Grout Team Members in Spring Hill, Florida



Lucas is an avid outdoorsman. He loves the beach, rivers, and scrub brush of his Florida home. As a Spring Hill native, he's spent most of his life in Spring Hill and Hudson and loves the natural habitats of the area. Lucas graduated from Hudson High School. He's well-balanced between perfectionism and easy-going mischief. Lucas is a fun and energetic addition to the Mrs. Grout team.